Rock a bye baby - Sleep at 4-6 months

Whoever made up the saying 'sleep like a baby' surely didn't have a baby themselves, for anyone who has a baby knows that sleep can be anything but sound!

Babies who sleep through the night from a young age and have the perfect amount of day time sleep are in the minority, so be kind on yourself if you are tackling a fitful sleeper – it can be very hard on both you and the baby.

Some parents report that those broken nights' sleep they had in the early stages has gone by the time their little one has reached four to six months.  This is mainly because as they grow, they will hopefully feed less often at night and start to sleep for longer stretches.  By about four months, babies often spend twice as long asleep at night as they during the day, which all going well, could add up to a blissful eight hours sleep for both of you.  But again, many, MANY babies will buck this trend so don't stress if yours is one of these, sleep will come – eventually.

The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to help teach your baby good sleeping habits including:

Self settling

Babies have natural in built sleep cycles so if you can learn to identify these by putting them down whilst they are drowsy, not asleep, then they teach themselves to drift off to sleep.  


Especially if your baby has older siblings, it can be a good idea to get them used to sleeping through noise.  No need to start jack hammering but similarly, no need to enforce complete silence when your baby is sleeping, a bit of vacuum cleaning can sometimes be a good thing as can other white noise such as a buzzing television.

Talk to everyone

Most parents will have had problems – and therein tips – for dealing with a tricky sleeper.  Talk to your mothers' group, friends, parents or and of course your child health nurse or doctor.  Sleep issues can be debilitating all round so don't go it alone, be sure to talk to others and seek support.