How do I tell if my baby is full

Like a car, wouldn’t it be great if babies had a ‘full tank’ sign which flashed when they are full?  Parents are often left worried as to whether their little one is getting enough food, particularly as they get older.

Luckily, babies and toddlers have a pretty good idea of when they have had enough and when they are still hungry, so let them guide you.  It might sometimes seem like they are not getting enough, but remember it takes very little to fill those tiny tummies – they are probably getting the right amount.


Odds are they have had enough if:

  • They flat out refuse more food, won’t swallow, spit it out, push their bowl away, refuse to open their mouth or shake their head (adults do the same thing when they are full but in a less dramatic way!)
  • They carry on, are being cranky and make noises and faces that indicative they have had enough.
  • The waterworks kick in – an upset baby is probably telling you they’re full