Introducing lumpy foods to your baby

Introducing lumpy foods to your baby

Soft lumps – try small and soft lumps in a thick baby puree (think sweet potato or pumpkin, perfect foods for those first soft lumps).  Harder lumps like whole peas in a thinner puree will be too much for them. They struggle to separate them while eating and could create a choking hazard.

Monster mash! – mashing soft foods is a really easy and effective way to introduce lumps.  Mashing a banana or an avocado with a fork makes light work for you and is also the sort of texture you should now be aiming for.  Start with finely mashed foods at first and progress to coarser mashed food.

Jaws – by introducing soft lumps and mashes to your baby’s diet, they will begin to learn how to chew which encourages tongue flexibility and movement, which in turn helps with speech.

Toothless wonder – your baby’s hard little gums will be great at chewing soft lumps and mashes, so no need to wait for teeth before introducing this next stage of solid foods.

Awareness – just by introducing your baby to new textures such as soft lumps and mashes helps them become accustomed to it, making them less likely to reject lumpy food down the track.

Some fun mashed and soft lumpy foods to try include:

Mashed banana
Mashed ripe avocado
Fork mashed cooked apple or pear
Fork mashed cooked carrot or parsnip
Rice pudding
Very finely flaked fish in a thick sauce – just keep an eye out for any bones
Minced chicken and sweet potato
Cooked mashed egg, like you have in an egg sandwich
Lentil dahl or lentil casserole, just make sure there are no hard lumps in there like peas