Keeping your little one hydrated

Warm summer weather means it’s easier for babies to become dehydrated.

Breastfed babies (under 6 months old) may need more frequent feeds in hot weather - so if you’re breastfeeding remember you’ll need to drink plenty of fluids to keep up! If your baby is formula-fed, they may need to be offered small amounts of extra cooled boiled water in a bottle in-between feeds.


Once baby is around 6 months old you can offer cooled boiled water regularly throughout the day in a sippy cup or a bottle. Even if your little one doesn’t seem interested in drinking much, at least you know you’ve given them plenty of opportunities to keep well hydrated in the hotter weather. Older babies may even be happy to drink cooler water which has been stored in the fridge! Another way to check baby is having enough fluid is counting nappies - at least 6 wet nappies over the day is a good sign.


If you are concerned your baby is unwell or may be dehydrated seek advice from your baby’s health professional.