More developmental milestones

Sitting all by themselves and tricky little movements.

Sitting all by themselves

At around 6 months when babies are starting solids, they can hold their head up well and can sit with support. This means they can sit in a supportive high chair, which is great news for you in terms of making meal times a bit easier.  

Many babies have mastered the 'sitting by myself' milestone around the eight month mark, and will be pretty pleased with themselves no doubt.  Whilst they might have all the confidence in the world, it is not a bad idea to have a few soft pillows behind them to cushion any falls! 


Excuse me!

Whoever would have thought that learning to burp is an important milestone in life?!  Around this age your little one might be able to burp on their own, if not, don't worry, just give them a little pat on their back and if they haven't burped within a couple of minutes, they probably don't need to at all.


Tricky little movements: fine motor skills

Around this age, you might notice your little one has better control of their hands, is able to hold a two handled cup to drink by themselves, pick things up or even clap.  These movements are known as fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills also include small tongue movements, like when you taste something.  These may be coming along slowly but they will play a big part in your baby learning to talk.