What is organic baby food all about

Everything about your little one is so pure that the idea of putting anything but the very best into their tiny little body is out of the question, so it is natural that many parents like the idea of organic baby food.

But what does organic actually mean and are there any health benefits?


For a food to be certified as organic, the producer needs to have complied with standards that govern how the food is grown, cultivated, manufactured and packaged.  Essentially, if a product is certified as organic, you can expect there has been no synthetic pest control, fertilisers or antibiotics used during any stage of the growth or production of the food.

Fortunately all baby food for sale (organic or non-organic) has to meet the same food safety standards designed to assure customers of safety and quality. The levels of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are strictly regulated. So whether you choose organic or non-organic baby food you can trust that each is safe for your baby.

Since the very first organic baby foods hit the shelves, there has been debate about their nutritional superiority.  It stands to reason that foods grown as naturally as possible are likely to be rich in nutrients, although there is currently  no conclusive evidence to suggest organic baby food is any better nutritionally than non-organic baby food. So no stress if you can't feed your baby organic food - non-organic food is a nutritious alternative.

If you do like the idea of organic foods for babies, Heinz Organic baby food is certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and offers all the goodness of Heinz baby foods – look for the ACO logo on pack.  The Heinz Organic range in pouches and jars includes a delicious array of wholesome food for your little one.

Benefits of Heinz Organic baby food:

  • Organic ingredients grown on organic farms that are independently inspected and audited on their methods for at least three years.  They avoid synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and aim for sustainable, environmentally friendly production and have strict livestock standards.
  • Organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms.
  • Heinz Organic baby food does not contain added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
  • They come in resealable glass jars which are easy to rinse out for your recycling bin.
  • Heinz Organic baby food range is Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

The Heinz Organic baby food range stretches across the four month, six month and eight month stages.  From early meals such as Organic sweet baby vegetables, through to Organic apple, pear and cinnamon porridge, Heinz Organic baby food gives you a nutritious delicious, organic alternative.