Let the mess begin! How to start feeding your baby solids

Eating solids is a brand new experience for your baby, so be patient - you can expect messy mishaps in the beginning. Don't worry about going gourmet at this stage - your baby has double the number of tastebuds that you do, so even bland food will have a distinct taste for them. You don’t need to add salt, sugar or other condiments to their food.

Here are some suggestions on how to get started: 

Get comfortable – choose a time when you and your baby are both feeling relaxed, maybe after a mid-morning or mid-afternoon feed. Pop bub in a supportive high chair.

Consistency – For those first meals, offer foods that are a runny smooth puree consistency. To begin with, you may like to try iron-fortified Farex Baby Rice Cereal.  Prepare it as per the instructions, with your baby's usual milk or cool boiled water, to make it the right consistency to get your infant started. 

Start small – only feed a tiny bit at first. Use a small teaspoon or baby spoon with a little food on it, just half to one teaspoon can be enough on the first day. Gradually increase the amount offered - let baby guide you. Some babies really love food from the start so let them take what they want.

Go at your baby's pace – let your baby taste the food. They might make a few odd faces and spit food out while they're getting used to the taste and texture.

The gag reflex – It is common for babies learning to eat to gag or cough. These inherent reflexes are there to protect them. This can happen quite a bit until they get used to food. To help minimise the risk of choking, make sure there are no hard lumps in your baby's food and always ensure baby is seated and supervised by an adult when they are eating.


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