What food to offer you baby in the beginning?

Your baby has more taste buds than you do, so even something that seems bland in the adult world can be a world of flavours to them. Remember eating solids is a new experience and they need time to adjust. And remember just because they don't like broccoli this week doesn't mean they never will, it cam take babies babies 10 or more tastes of a new food to get used to it. It might not feel like it if your baby screws up their face at everything you offer, but your perseverance will pay off - eventually!

So where to start?  There are no hard and fast rules, the only thing really is to introduce iron rich foods first either singly or in combination with other foods. . Other than that, let the mess begin!

Farex infant rice cereal is a popular first food –, it is iron enriched which is important for babies at this stage, it doesn’t have a strong taste and it is easy to prepare.

Other suitable iron-rich first foods include cooked and pureed meat, chicken, fish and legumes.  At birth your baby will have a natural supply of iron, but by six months it starts to run low so they need more iron from food.

Cooked and pureed fruits and vegetables can be offered too.  Pureed pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot or potatoes are good choices and easy to get super smooth, same goes with cooked and pureed pear or apple. Or try smooth ripe avocado and banana.

Prepare baby’s food without any added salt, sugar or other condiments.  Also honey should not be given to babies under 12 months to prevent a form of food poisoning called botulism.

Heinz Baby Foods with the blue colour coded symbol 4+ months are suitable first foods and can give you a good idea of the pureed consistency to aim for.


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