Guide to Heinz Baby Food

Heinz® offers a range of specially prepared baby food products for different developmental age stages in jars and pouches. All of Heinz® baby food products are carefully made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Heinz® Colour Coded Baby Food

To help make shopping for baby food easier, Heinz® baby food range has colour coded ‘age stage buttons’ on the packaging, so you can choose what you need at a glance. Each colour range has a different flavour or texture to suit your baby’s age and stage of development.


Blue 4+ months Beginner foods

These are foods with a puréed texture that are suitable for baby when they’re first starting on solids from four to six months of age (but not before four months). These pouch and jar baby foods include fruit recipes, and veggie and meat meals. Farex® baby rice cereal is iron-fortified and is also a great first food.


Yellow 6+ months Explorer foods

These include foods with a puréed, smooth or mashed texture, and are suitable for babies from six months onwards. The Heinz® yellow labelled baby food range in pouches and jars are designed to give your baby an increased variety of flavours and textures. The custards in this age range, include the new no added sugar varieties. They are yummy as an occasional treat for dessert.


Green 8+ months Adventurer foods

These foods in pouches and jars are suitable for babies from eight months onwards. They provide an increased variety of tastes, and the jars provide more challenging soft lumps textures and a larger serving size.


Heinz® Little Kids 1-3 years

The Heinz® Little Kids meal, snacks, brekky and custard range are suitable from 1 year onwards.

We recommend that babies are spoon fed our Heinz® baby food and not fed directly from the pouch. This is because spoon feeding is important for babies to learn how to eat and chew food, and baby can also see, smell and touch the food – an important part of the learning experience!


Serving Heinz® baby food:

Heinz® Pouch Baby Food Serving Guide

Simply squeeze into a bowl or onto a spoon and serve.

To serve warm, place pouch in bowl of hot water until warm. Prior to serving shake gently to evenly distribute heat.

After heating, always test temperature before serving to baby.

Any uneaten or remaining heated baby food must be disposed of after feeding.

Heinz does not recommend feeding directly from the pouch.

Do not microwave in pouch.

Storage: Once opened, store in the fridge below 4°C and enjoy within 48 hours.

Heinz® Glass Jar Baby Food Serving Guide

Simply spoon into a bowl and serve.

To serve warm, spoon into a bowl and heat in a microwave until warm.

After heating, always test temperature before serving to baby.

Discard uneaten serving.

Storage: Once opened, store jar in the fridge below 4°C and enjoy within 48 hours.

Young children must always be supervised and sitting in an upright position when eating.

For more information on Heinz® baby food products, you can contact us on 1800 633 333.


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