Sitting up, baby!

Curious to the core, your baby will be craning to sit up so they can get a new perspective on the world – sticky beaks that they are! 

Like with many core milestones, babies learn to sit by themselves at different times so don't worry if your little one is still happy lying on their tummy or back.  As a general guideline, the ability to sit up is the culmination of several mini-milestones.

  • Around four months, your baby's neck and head muscles will be stronger and they will be able to hold their head up when they are lying on their tummy.  Soon after this, they may be able to do a mini push up whilst lying on their tummy too.

  • Around six months, your baby can hold their head up and will have good head and neck control to sit up in a supportive highchair.

  • Around seven months onwards is when you can expect them to start sitting up unsupported (somewhere soft and safe), but again, no need to worry if your baby isn't doing so, they will get there soon enough.

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