Balancing act: why a balanced diet is so important for your little one

Whilst your baby might show a preference for certain foods, it is important to try and provide a balanced diet as much as possible.  By eating a nutritious, balanced diet, your baby will have all the fuel they need to grow into the bright and active young thing that they are!

Balanced Diet

But if your baby has days when they seem to barely eat a thing, or had a party when they ate a few treats, try not to worry too much – it’s good to look at what they eat across the breadth of a week rather than every single day, that should help ease your mind. 

Why a balanced diet is so important

  • Nutrition – by introducing a variety of foods you will encourage your baby to explore new flavours, and it is more likely they will be getting all the goodness they need.
  • Growing bodies – new textures and learning to chew helps your baby develop fine motor skills, as well as develop their jaw and muscles they use for speech. Finger foods also can help improve hand eye coordination.
  • Learning – meal times are an opportunity for fun and exploration.  Not only is it a chance for your baby to explore new tastes and textures but it really helps them to become interested in food itself.
  • Acceptance – having a varied diet from a young age could help introduce your baby to a lifelong appreciation for healthy, nutritious food and also help negate a fussy eater.
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