Breastfeeding - Handy advice for six months and up

Breast milk has the ideal mix of nutrients for baby. It is recommended that babies are exclusively breastfed till around six months, and then that breastfeeding is continued along with solid foods until 12 months of age and beyond.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Breast milk has the ideal balance of nutrients for your baby – it suits them no matter which stage of development they’re in. Just make sure you introduce solids around six months of age or when baby is showing developmental signs.
  • Breastfeeding is portable, hygienic, and affordable.
  • Returning to work doesn’t mean you need to stop breastfeeding. You can express milk, feed before and after work, or maybe find a crèche or daycare nearby – there are plenty of options to help you through.
  • Remember, what works for fellow mums, might not work for you. You should do what works best for both you and your baby.

Food can be given before a breast feed at about 8 months of age.  Breast milk is still important, but as baby gets older and eats a larger amount and variety of solids their intake of milk commonly decreases.  


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