Food on the go

The idea of 'travelling lightly' goes out the window when you have a baby!  But when it comes to their food, a little bit of forward planning means you don't have to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  Here are some tips to help:


Solids: Heinz Baby Foods are perfect for when you are on the go.  It keeps safely at room temperature and is sterile until you pop open the lid on the jar or pouch. They are easy to serve, just pack a soft baby spoon and you have a handy meal-on-the-go - no need for endless containers taking up precious room.  Some varieties can be more appealing cold to babies than others, so just take a selection which best suits your babies needs.


Snacks for older babies and toddlers: Pack food in small containers, pop into snap lock bags, or in lunch wrap to keep clean and fresh. To keep chilled food safe, pop in a cooler bag with an icepack.


Water: Take extra cups or bottles of cooled boiled water on road trips – you never know when you might get delayed with thirsty babies or toddlers in the car!


Milk: If travelling with babies who are bottle-feeding or toddlers who drink cow’s milk or toddler milk drinks, never travel with cups or bottles of pre-prepared or fresh milk- bacteria can thrive at warmer temperatures. Instead, take cooled boiled water in clean bottles or cups (with lids), carry pre-measured infant formula powder or toddler milk powder separately (or in sachets) and mix into water just before serving.


Breaks in travel: If travelling by car, regular breaks can make baby – and everyone for that matter – happier!  Lots of places have great 'baby friendly' facilities for nappy changing, breastfeeding, feeding etc. so plan ahead and help make the trip easier and safer all round. Remember, tempting as it is to keep driving while giving your child a snack to eat, it’s dangerous letting them eat when your eye is on the road and not on them!


Other ideas: Take baby wipes and bibs to keep grubby hands and faces clean. Take spare clothes and extra nappies in case of delays.


Babies on planes: Before you had a baby yourself, you probably cursed parents with a screaming child, but now that you do, you no doubt feel incredibly sorry for them!  The logistics of flying with a little one are notoriously tricky but now, with the ever-improving service offered by airlines, lots is being done to help make the trip easier for everyone.


It is always a good idea to bring your baby's own food on a flight, especially on long flights.  While there are restrictions on the liquids you can take on a plane, these usually don’t apply to food or milk for your baby.  To be safe always check what the  airlines policy is with regards to bringing liquids (i.e. expressed breast milk, water), formula powder and baby food on board for babies. .  Whatever the case, it's always best to take extra cooled boiled water, formula powder and food for the plane in case your flight is delayed.


Airline staff are generally more than happy to help with little ones and will often warm bottles for you too.  And if your little one is drinking from a cup, remember to pack a cup with a lid to avoid spills.

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