Social Butterfly - Your babys personality

“Is that a little personality I can see?” Yes, as your baby moves past the six month mark you will see the beginnings of your baby's personality and social skills developing – their own likes and dislikes become increasingly clear, as does their desire to explore the world, testing the boundaries every step of the way.

Whether it be throwing toys, or pulling hair, your little one will be trying out the world around them.  All you can do is help keep them safe and if you are trying to stop a particular behaviour, a simple 'no' and then distract them with something else is the best approach.  And if they attempt to do the exact same thing a mere five minutes later, don't get mad as they will have just forgotten they weren't allowed to do it – they are too young to 'rebel' (and will no doubt be saving that up for the teenage years!)


At around seven months, you may notice your baby becomes more emotional when you leave the room or leave them with somebody else.  This is the beginning of separation anxiety, a completely normal phase which believe it or not, is usually harder on the parents than on the baby!  Your little one has just realised that there are times when you are not around and it takes a bit of getting used to.  Lots of cuddles and verbal reassurance can help steer babies out of this phase – and when you look back at it in years to come, you will find it rather sweet too.


You might also start to notice more method in your baby's play time.  Deliberately placing toys in a certain way, a preference for certain toys over others or even sorting of toys in to sizes, shapes etc. is a sign that your baby is figuring out how objects relate to one another.



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