Check out my new wheels

'If I just put this hand here, then that leg there and...'  all of a sudden they are off!  It is absolutely priceless to watch the combination of concentration and joy on a newly crawling baby's face as they discover this secret gift they didn't know they had until now.  And whilst you will no doubt be busy with the camera and calling family and friends, you might also find yourself leaping around the room trying to remove potential hazards out of Speedy Gonzales' way!

As your baby learns to crawl, they will probably go through the following motions:

Sitting unsupported

Before they learn to crawl, babies need to have worked out how to sit unsupported.  This means their muscles, especially around their neck, will be strong enough to support the weight of their head and keep it upright.

Little push ups

As they play around during tummy time, your little one will start to flex their muscles in the push up department.  This helps them learn how to draw their knees up and also strengthens their arm muscles in preparation for crawling.

Going mobile

As your baby learns to crawl, they may experiment with a few different styles of movements before settling on a style that works for them.  This may be a bottom shuffle or crawling with one leg out to the side straight, if it doesn't look like text book crawling don't worry, it is just your little one's unique way of getting around and is perfectly normal.

Baby proof

 When you start to see the above signs, buckle yourself in for what will be yet another busy – but fantastic – chapter in your little one's life.  Crawling babies can move very fast and if you haven't had time to move that precious ornament, chances are they will get to it before you do!

A good idea is some child locks for your cupboards so that dangerous chemicals, sharp instruments etc. can be safely locked out of harms' way.  Another favourite with newly mobile babies are low hanging chords and table cloths that your baby can pull on.


Whatever you do, don't forget your camera as it will amaze you at how quickly your newborn transforms into a crawler and not long after that, a toddling toddler!

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