Baby Choking Hazards - Food to watch out for

There is a panic that surges through new parents when they see their baby gag.  

And although it is extremely common for babies to gag, it doesn't make it any easier on you!  Try to remember that gagging simply means your little one has bitten off more than they can chew, literally.  Signs of gagging are watery eyes, spluttering and a look of panic.  Try to remain calm and talk gently to your baby, reassuring them that they are ok and watch them as they gradually digest the mouthful.

Choking is when something is blocking your baby's airways so that they can't breathe.  Hopefully you never have to go through this especially terrifying ordeal.  As always, it is best to never leave your baby alone whilst eating and also to avoid these especially dangerous foods:

  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Large chunks of sausage
  • Hard and soft lollies e.g. the soft and sticky texture of marshmallows means they can be easily wedged in your baby’s throat – if offered, instead break off a small, manageable piece.
  • Other big chunks of food which they can’t easily chew and swallow e.g. whole grapes
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