Food for your baby: 8 months and over

Big changes are afoot at the 8 month mark when it comes to food

Big changes are afoot at the 8 month mark when it comes to food.  Of most significance, your baby will go from having their food after a milk feed to before it.  This means they are not as full when they begin their meal and therefore your little one is increasingly getting more and more nutrition from food than in the earlier stages and also helps them transition towards the 12 month mark when breast or formula feeds tend to decrease in frequency.


Another interesting thing to observe at the 8 month age is how much more adventurous babies can become when it comes to food.  It is best to capitalise on this surge in curiosity as by the time they become toddlers, many become far less adventurers. Babies between 12 – 24 month are notoriously fussy eaters.  One theory is that the rejection of new foods at this stage is an innate safety mechanism to stop toddlers from eating foods that might be dangerous or poisonous.  It's good to keep this in mind as you discover your lovingly prepared meals are rejected and as a big tantrum ensues!


Given your baby is no doubt settled into a happy little routine of 3 meals a day by this age, you can look at introducing small snacks in between meals such as fruit or a slice of toast.  Just keep an eye on the snacks though as some babies can fill up on these and be too full by dinner time, resulting in rejection of your lovingly made, nutritious meal. 


Lastly, the other big change at this age is the acceptance of lumpy, interestingly textured foods and finger foods. It is important to get them to accept lumps and textures at this stage, as the older they are, the less likely they are to accept them. To help you understand what textures are suitable for an 8 month old baby, check out Heinz's Green Lidded Baby Food range for options such as Heinz Chicken, Vegetables & Quinoa or Heinz Alphabet Pasta, Tomato & Beef."



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