Baby Teething - Caring for baby teeth

You need to start caring for your baby’s teeth as soon as they arrive. While you can buy baby toothbrushes it’s not vital. When they’re really tiny you can wipe them with a clean soft cloth, or even clean them with a smudge of toothpaste on your finger. The main thing is to get your baby used to the routine twice a day.


Preventing decay: maintaining your baby’s smile

No one is safe from decay. It can affect all of us, even your baby’s teeth. Some of us are more prone to tooth decay than others; it’s a mix of how well you take care of your teeth and genetics. Here are a few ways to keep baby’s teeth in tiptop shape.

Sleeping with their mouth full

avoid letting your baby sleep while attached to your breast for any long stretch of time. The same goes for really frequent breastfeeds during the day (even breast milk can decay teeth if it is given too frequently)

What’s in the bottle

Only put infant formula or water in a bottle, not juice or other sweetened drinks.

Just hanging out

try not to leave your baby propped up with a bottle in his or her mouth for a long time, and encourage them to drink from a cup as soon as possible. They can usually do this by the time they’re one. 

Sweets and treats

babies don’t need these before at least one year of age. After that it’s best to keep sweet foods for the end of meals, and between meals offer raw fruit, sandwiches, crackers, rather than dried fruit and sweet biscuits.

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