Toddler Feeding Tips - New foods for your baby 12 months and over

Alongside their breast milk or formula, your baby should be fairly established on solids.  It is important that at this stage you offer food before their usual milk feeds. This means that your baby will begin to get more of their nutrition from food than in the earlier stages.


As they grow they’ll be getting a little more adventurous. This will probably slow down as they become a toddler, it’s normal for toddlers around 12-24 months old to be suspicious of any new foods for a while. One theory is that this rejection of new foods at this stage in development is an innate safety mechanism to stop toddlers from eating foods that might be dangerous or poisonous.

In the meantime, you can encourage them to accept new foods by bringing plenty of exciting tastes, textures, colours and shapes to their diets. You might also want to try small snacks like fruit or toast between meals, just be careful not to spoil their appetite.

Hopefully you’ve already introduced more chunky food to your baby’s diet, but if not, definitely start offering more textured food now as if you leave it too late, often babies won’t accept lumpy foods. Also give them finger foods around this stage, and any of the Heinz Little Kids range.

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