Fruity Parfait with Choc Cherry Coconut Custard

Try making Fruity Parfait with Chocolate Cherry Coconut Custard for your little 8 month old baby. This recipe is simple and so easy to follow.

Fruity Parfait with Choc Cherry Coconut Custard


  • ½ banana, chopped
  • 1 cheek mango chopped
  • 1 strawberry, fork mashed
  • 1x 120g pouch HEINZ® Choc Cherry Coconut Custard


Step 1

Combine banana, mango pieces and strawberry. Spoon half between 2 serving bowls.

Step 2

Pour half the Heinz® pouch over fruit. Then top with remaining fruit followed by remaining custard. Use one bowl for serving and refrigerate other for later use.
Fruit can be substituted with plum, peaches, or cooked apples.
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